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You Are Invited to Join Our Backlink-Finder Guinea Pig Club

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Guinea pigOne of the central missions of NetMarketing-123 is to inform website owners about search engine optimization and show them cool tools and techniques to drive more and more traffic to their websites.   Today I’m proud to share my own useful tool for driving  more traffic to your website! I created a new (and free) web-based service called Premium Link Exchange, which acts like a matchmaker between people in similar businesses or services who are interested in exchanging backlinks with one another. I just put the finishing touches on the website design and finished testing the background system, and it’s up and running. I invite you to join and use Premium Link Exchange, because it will help you build web traffic to your site or blog, which will put more eyes on your pages, which will mean more customers, clients, or members!

Backlinks Are One of The Most Important Search Engine Optimization Tools – i.e., They Build Web Traffic to Your Site

Now, if the term “backlinks” means nothing to you, maybe this service is not something you need. But if you own a website, write a blog, maintain a Facebook page, Tweet, Pin, or do any of a number of other online activities, you should not only know about backlinks, you should be working like crazy to get more of them – lots more – for your website. Backlinks are simply links to your website (or blog, or Facebook page etc.) that appear on someone else’s website, blog, Twitter stream, or other online posting. Backlinks are good for you because they help spread awareness of your site or page, and because they actually lead people to your site (when those people click the link). And guess what? Backlinks are crucial to your Google, Alexa, and other website rank. The higher your rank, the more likely it is that when someone Googles, say, vegetarian dog food, your site will pop up toward the top of the list of recommended sites (if that’s what you sell). Many experts believe that backlinks are more important than metadata or any number of other search engine optimization techniques.
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To Help You (And In Fact Avoid Hurting You), Backlinks Must Be Authentic

It isn’t enough to just have lots of backlinks, though. The challenge is to build only quality backlinks, meaning links that appear on sites, tweets, Facebook pages (or anywhere) that relate to your product, cause, or service in some way. So if you sell vegetarian dog food, for example, it would be great if a link to your site appeared on a website for pet supplies, or a veterinarian’s website, or a blog about canine food allergies. If, on the other hand, a link to your site appeared on a website about electronic equipment, or a site that simply houses giant random lists of links, you wouldn’t be likely to earn much traffic from it. Or, worse, if someone did click on a link to your dog food site from an electronics site, chances are the visitor would find that your site is NOT what they’re looking for, and they’d click away immediately. Quick click-aways are called “bounces,” and are actually measured by the ranking services and hurt your website ranking. Junk listings of your link also are measured by the ranking services, and count against you.

The worst backlink of all is comment-spam, which is what many backlinks-for-sale services will try to plant for you on random websites. If you have and manage your own website, you know what I’m talking about; those super annoying comments that flood unrelentingly into your site’s spam folder (or, if you don’t have a filter, into your comments folder). Here’s one from the spam folder on this very Women At Woodstock website that came in this morning:

uggs outlet saleI was confused whether I not only can they are engaged allowing an individual your website commenting and do not Now, I agree to educate yourself regarding are with web site commenting.uggs outlet. Family squabbles a lot more…

So when you see ads offering to provide thousands of backlinks for $100, what you’re getting is placement on “link warehouse” sites, random unrelated sites, and/or spam commenting like the above. These are not just of little to no value, they’re very likely to actually hurt your web traffic!

The Only Way (Until Now) To Find Quality Backlinks, Frankly, Sucked

So, what are you to do? Until now, the only legitimate way to build good backlinks was to find sites or postings that are relevant in some way to your website, then find out who the webmaster/owner is, search out his/her contact information, if possible, send an email, and ask if they’d be willing to place your link on their site, blog, Facebook update or whatever. Typically you’d offer to reciprocate, which would make sense, since the website (or whatever) that you’ve found relates to your product or service in some way.

This, my friend, takes time. A LOT of tedious time.

Premium Link Exchange Speeds and Streamlines The Whole Process of Exchanging Quality Backlinks

The legit-and-easy-backlink-challenge is why I decided to create Premium Link Exchange, a free service that aggregates offers for link exchanges from people all over the web, organizes them by category, and then shares those offers via listings sent to your inbox every week. The offers include the website address, owner’s name and contact information, and the reciprocal link placement that the “other guy” is offering. All you have to do is scan the offers, determine which are the best for you, and then click on the email address and make contact. It’s kind of like eHarmony for website owners.

Join Premium Link Exchange Now – It’s Free (Really – No Trial Period). Just Free. Period.

So, if you have a website or blog, or even a lively social media account that you’d like to make more popular, please be my guinea pig and join Premium Link Exchange as one of its first members! As I said, the service is free – permanently. No trial period followed by charges. Just free, plain and simple. I’ll be sending out the first email on December 4 with listings of link exchange offers submitted by our first group of guinea pigs. If you join now, and submit your own listing (yes, still free), your link exchange offer will go out in that first email!

I’m especially hopeful that you’ll join up and try this brand new service because I would love to get your feedback once you’ve used it. I want to know how user-friendly the system is, whether you’ve found some good matches in your weekly emails, and how easy it was to make contact and get the exchange done. Best, I’d love to know how many backlinks you had before you started using the service (click here to check how many backlinks you have), and how many you’ve added after you’ve been a Premium Link Exchange member for a month, or six months, or a year. And once you’ve built up a good number of new quality backlinks, I’d love to know how much your web rank and your web traffic have improved. (Click here to check your web rank.)

alexa rank examplesites linking in exampleHere’s how to check your backlink count and web rank.  Click the link above, and you’ll be taken to the Alexa site-checking service. (It’s free.) Enter your website address, then look for the box near the top of the report page that looks like the box to the left. This is your Alexa rank. The lower the number the better; in this case, the site being checked is 260,000th in popularity and traffic worldwide; and 48,000th in popularity in the US. On that same report page, scroll way down and find the box like the one above on the right that tells you how many backlinks you have.

So, sign up at Premium Link Exchange in order to receive backlink exchange offers in your email, and submit your link exchange offer at “Submit An Offer.” Then sit back and wait for your weekly emails – and start building quality backlinks and watching the traffic to your website grow. Search engine optimization & better web traffic mission accomplished!

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