Forget the resolution – this workshop will kick your resolution’s ass

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I’m wise enough to know that a resolution is worth about as much as the paper it’s written on; let’s round up to a penny. And did you even write down your resolutions? For most of us, a resolution is just a thought. Worthless, really, unless we act on it. And worthless in the long run if we act for a while and then lose our steam and ultimately let it drop – if we are, in fact, unchanged. So how to get beyond wishing, hoping, and even trying but then ultimately failing? How to actually become a changed person, whether the hoped-for new you is radically different from the you of today or just a tinch different? Why is it hard regardless? How do we get stick-to-it-ness?

That’s the subject of the first workshop I booked for Women At Woodstock 2016, because even before New Year’s Eve came along, I was frustrated. I haven’t finished writing that book I’ve been carrying on my shoulders for the past three years (although I did take a big step forward earlier this month). And I’ve started to skip my yoga and ballet sessions – first because I was forced to miss several due to travel or commitments, and then ongoing because my nerve was crumbling and “not” was just becoming too delicious – gifts of stolen time I found it harder and harder to resist. I am not changed, yet. I am becoming the same old me. And I hate it.  So – I got on the phone with Lisa Burbage, a life and health and wellness coach whose hard hitting blog posts have been punching at me for months, ever since I met Lisa at the Women’s Evening Salon in Charleston last May. I talked to her about this problem that plagues us all – how it’s a whole different thing from trying to change, to being who we want to be, for real. Lisa and I had a great conversation, and we came up with a workshop that is going to kick your resolution’s ass.  Here it is:

Staying the Course – Going Beyond “Trying” and Actually “Being”

Beyond believing that you can achieve your goal, beyond planning how to achieve it, beyond taking the first steps – this is a workshop on how to BE that person you’ve always wanted to be – whether it’s a woman who is efficient and organized, or physically fit, or a successful business owner, or surrounded by a serene home, or a writer or artist or creative spirit. This is a course that shows you how to say “The heck with TRYING to be the person I’ve always wanted to be. I’m done trying and eventually giving up. I AM that person.” How do you clear your lifelong impediments, avoid slipping back into old patterns, keep yourself from losing faith and giving up? How do you actually become a changed person (in whatever way you’ve been trying so hard to change) once and for all?

Lisa Burbage is a certified integrative health coach and a graduate of Duke University who’s completed a two-year program encompassing seven areas that focus on health and well-being: Mind-Body Connection; Movement, Exercise and Rest; Nutrition; Personal and Professional Development; Physical Environment; Relationships and Communication; and Spirituality. She brings her whole-life approach together with her background in business, counseling and as an entrepreneur to lead us toward a new lasting life path – that joy-filled path that we’ve been seeking, finding, walking along briefly, then wandering away from, over and over again.  She employs stress reduction, unique tools for accountability, exercises in spiritual reflection, methods to open new lines of communication and clear relationships, avenues to tap into your body’s pleasure in its own health and strength, and awareness of the physical environment you create for yourself – all integrated into a balanced whole that supports and nurtures the real you – living your life as you know it has always been meant to be.

This workshop will not change you. It will stop you from changing yourself into that person you’ve been living inside all your life who’s not the real you. Finally.

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