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This is What I’m Proud Of

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Ivy Slater seatedThe other day I Googled Ivy Slater, one of the Women At Woodstock alums, to show a photo of her that I particularly like to a new client. I was explaining to the client the virtues of a profile picture that looks both confident and smart, and at the same time hip, warm, and personable. Not your old-fashioned “professional” headshot. This photo that I like is on Ivy’s profile on the Women Speakers Association website, and it is the embodiment of all of the good qualities named above.

But when my screen filled with images from my search, I saw not only several posed shots of Ivy, but a bunch of photos from Women At Woodstock 2012, 13, and 14… and a multitude of other faces that I knew. So many women from Women At Woodstock gatherings popped up under the “Ivy Slater” search: me, Bobbi Palmer, Janet Neal, Carolyn Braddock, Peggy Resnick, Ivy Menchel, Victoria Zackheim, Cydya Smith, Karen Venable, Beth Greer, Sheila Hawkins, Barbara Cummings, and more, lots more.

There it was, in front of my eyes – photographic evidence of the community that has grown up around Women At Woodstock .  And these are not just women who met at a conference – but women who know each other, like each other, help each other, refer clients and customers, take phone calls, meet for wine, invite to events, review books, congratulate and like and encourage across all kinds of social media channels. All of these smart, hard-working, genuine, supportive, forward-thinking women – most of whom, I would venture to guess, would never have met but for our annual gatherings, are now connected, and in a very real way. Certainly I can say that I would not have met and gotten to know and befriended these women and so many others who I now count among my circle of friends and supporters. Imagine what will show up on a Google image search for each one of us who’s been to Women At Woodstock and made new friends and new connections there. The ties fan out in all directions. Wow.

I took a screenshot of the first Google results page for Ivy, and I drew arrows of connections back to Women At Woodstock (symbolized by my photo – sorry – hope that doesn’t seem egocentric). This is just one piece of our wonderful web of connections nationwide. Makes me feel really glad about the work that I’ve been doing over the past four years. And makes me anticipate all the more the Friday evening in November when we’ll all gather in Woodstock again.

WAW connxns - google image srch




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