Older Women, Children Of the Universe

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This is how I’m feeling today, the start of a New Year:

Red gold streaked blue quiet cosmic start of day
Fathomless sorrow
Ancient memories now yesterday
Such good fortune – why?
Love spilling
Bitter memories
Hardened pride
Always a longing
Humble pie, wry
Sometimes. Just. Bitterness.
Coincidences, more and more – inexplicable
Miracles, yes, we don’t care what anyone says
Tiny hands instant tears
Stars of the universe, someday

6 thoughts on “Older Women, Children Of the Universe

  1. A tapestry urging and tugging at a tomorrow’s magic born of today’s desires: shadowed by the light you bring, enhanced by the urgency and demand to keep moving forward.

    Happy new year Ann.. Ann: Bringing together with a warm embrace women exploring now not as lonely heroes the work they love, in the light of the tribe that sees them and recognizes them. Walls down, presence felt.

    Meeting Alice Barden for lunch in the City today. We will surely be speaking about you and WAW!


  2. Dear Ann,
    With that poem I want to give you a hug. So honest and open. You are definitely one of my top stars of the universe. Can’t wait until you are one of yours.

    Your ears must have burned off as Peggy and I had breakfast and talked about the huge contribution you have made to our lives. I cannot thank you enough.

    Lots of love and admiration,

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