Thai Bodywork & Healing Reiki

Patty Chang AnkerFor those wanting something special, we’re offering two types of private Thai Bodywork and Healing Reiki sessions, available by appointment only. You may schedule your session directly with our on-site practitioner, Patty Chang Anker. These sessions are offered for an additional fee, paid directly to Patty. Contact Patty at to arrange for your session.

Heaven on Earth – Relaxing Thai Bodywork/Healing Reiki Session

The perfect way to end a day at WAW…Unwind with a combination of Thai Bodywork -gentle assisted stretches to lengthen your muscles and acupressure to release blocked energy – and soothing Reiki (Japanese energy work) to promote healing. You rest, in loose comfortable clothes (PJs are perfect) on a soft floor mat, while Patty guides you through. Float back to your room and fall into bed – sweet dreams!

Here Comes the Sun – Rejuvenating Thai Bodywork/Centering Meditation Session

Of course you’re excited, you’re at WAW! But sitting, brainstorming, and SMILING, can tighten muscles and make the mind whirl (not to mention whatever stress you brought with you). So take a break to stretch and renew, with a Thai bodywork session that combines dynamic assisted stretches to warm up muscles and joints, acupressure to unblock energy, and a centering meditation to clear your head. You rest on a soft floor mat in comfortable clothes while Patty guides you through. Leave refreshed and ready for more WAW fun (and probably an inch taller to boot)!

$95 – 55 minutes, $115 – 75 minutes

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes.