The “Magic Bullet” Formula for Social Media Marketing

If you’re an author, blogger, consultant, coach, or any kind of entrepreneur, the internet is your marketing oyster, so to speak. I mean, it’s free and it’s available to use at will, right? But do you use it well? Do you draw strong traffic to your website – and not just anyone but strong potential clients or buyers of your product or service? Even more important, do you use the internet sanely? Do you have an integrated marketing plan that builds upon itself and gets real results? Do you control the number of hours you spend on chasing followers and buyers? If you employ paid advertising online, do you know how to home in on your target and keep expenditures to a minimum?

Maybe you answered, “hell, I don’t know” to all these questions. Or maybe you said, “well, yeah, I think so.” But do you really know? Do you know how to measure your website’s performance or your email campaign’s success? Do you know how to use cool tools to save you hours of time so you waste time doing tedious work that you don’t need to do? Do you know what makes a website inviting and professional looking, versus what makes it look outdated? Do you know how to figure out what brings your readers to your blog? Do you know the unspoken rules of social media etiquette, and are you familiar with the marketing research that provides you with huge road signs to keywords, phrases, and subject lines that will work best to attract the audience that you want?

This workshop is for everyone who has a website and wants to attract more traffic to it – from bloggers to life coaches to authors to artists to product curators to event organizers to craftspersons and businesswomen in all fields.

The workshop will be led by website designer, ghost blogger and social media marketing specialist Ann Voorhees Baker, who doesn’t claim to know everything about using the internet, but does have a wealth of knowledge and a track record to prove that her methods work. Ann loves sharing what she knows and seeing her students’ eyes light up when they learn how to save time and get better results. It’s all about leveling the playing field online, attracting more business, and staying sane.

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