At the End of Each Day

After our workshops each day, two and a half delicious hours stretch before you to do as you wish before dinner. Relax and regroup for the whole stretch of time if you’d like, or enjoy time alone for an hour and then, rejuvenated, come to the lower gathering room (Cedar Heart Lodge) at 5:00 and gather around the fireplace where we’ll be hosting an Evening Salon with wine & cheese, and a guided discussion – all very cozy and casual.  Here’s what we have planned for our two evenings after our days of workshops:

Saturday Evening Salon, October 29

“Myers-Briggs – The Impact of Type for Understanding Ourselves and Our Primary Relationships”

Sometimes the quick ‘n dirty version of a great body of research on the ins and outs of peoples’ psyches can be very illuminating. Like a “pow!” to the brain, you can be hit with a sudden insight about yourself or another person.

This happened to me when a dear friend, schooled in the application of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® personality inventory, walked me through some simple questions about my own habits, attitudes and predilections versus those of my ex-husband, with whom I battled for many years before our divorce after 23 years of marriage.

The inventory revealed to me clearly that there was a simple and fundamental problem between us: I was a risk-taker, especially with career and financial matters. He was not – very much, very immovably, not.

And that was the crux of our battle.


Had I understood this fundamental difference between us, perhaps I could have navigated the relationship differently. That risk-taker/risk-aversive difference wasn’t everything that went wrong between us, of course; the issues and quirks and problems were far more complex than this one thing. But had I had the insight when I needed it… well, suffice it to say that I just wish I had.

Andrea Peck, an expert in Myers-Briggs, will bring us a quick ‘n dirty tutorial in the personality inventory process, and then guide us through our own application of it to ourselves and anyone else in our lives we’d like to understand better.

With the support of our group and a glass of wine, this is going to be an awesome Evening Salon at Women At Woodstock 2016.

Sunday Evening Salon, October 30

“How do you pick yourself up after a slump and start your engines again?”

Maybe that’s not a problem for everyone, but it is for many, and the older we get, the more susceptible we are to thinking, “Why bother? It’s too late anyway.” Sometimes our motivation to keep going on our quest, whatever it may be, gets stalled, we feel disheartened, and it’s hard to pull out of the slump. What are some coping mechanisms? What are some ways to pull ourselves up, or prevent ourselves from getting so low?

Diane Baranello, the CEO of Coaching for Distinction, is back this year to lead us in another free flowing, non judgmental, and constructive discussion on the roller coaster of life and how we can minimize the lows and truly enjoy the exhilaration of the ride.