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I Made Anne Happy – Anne Made Me Happy – We’re Both Happy!

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One of my first “Dutch Aunt” sessions has come back to haunt me – in a very happy way. I worked with Anne Flournoy, the genius behind “The Louise Log,” on why her site’s web ranking – and web traffic – had plummeted precipitously starting in March of 2015. I dug in, looked at the public-facing site and at the behind-the-scenes site, and I looked at the history of changes she’d made, the way the site was organized, and other search engine optimization and Google and Alexa ranking factors. I think Anne’s site is terrific but I did have a few things to talk with her about when we had our telephone reporting session. I loved being her Dutch Aunt for half an hour. For her part, she took it well (smiley face).
All in all it came down to three main suggestions – each one, as it turned out, easy for Anne to execute. I thought I’d hear back from her in three or four months.  But I heard back in less than four weeks, when Anne posted a comment on my blog post. Here’s what Anne said:
I’m soooo glad I took you up on this and asked you to do a thorough analysis of my website. Since the Spring, for no reason anyone could figure out, my Alexa rank* has been steadily climbing from 771,000 up up and up til it topped out at over 4,000,000 the last time I looked. As of today, it’s at 2,526,063 and I can only think that it’s because of the changes you suggested. THANKS, ANN!
How exciting! I replied:
My pleasure – and I’m especially glad that your Alexa ranking improved so dramatically – and so quickly – after you made the changes that I suggested. As of the date of this writing, there are approximately 1 billion active websites in the world. A rank of 2.5 million means a website is in the top 0.25% of websites worldwide. You jumped ahead of 1.5 million other websites in four weeks, Anne Flournoy – not too shabby! Congratulations!
*An Alexa score is weird, in that the higher the score, the worse the score, because it’s a popularity rank. A score of 1 is the best in the world; a score of 2.5 million means it’s the two-and-a-half-millionth-best – i.e. better than all but 2,499,999 other websites in the world. Alexa is a great tool for monitoring the strength of your website, the growth (or loss) of web traffic, and comparing your site to your competition’s. It’s easy to check your own score: go to, type in your website’s url, and see what your score is.  P.S. For more on Alexa scores, see my post, “Poor Alexa – So Many Rumors, So Much Misunderstanding.”

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